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Do You Need to Sell Your Property Quickly?

If you need to sell your property fast in the current market, Property Buyers Team is your perfect fit. We are specialised in private sales, and our team will make a serious offer to you after just ONE viewing, regardless of the location and general condition of your property. Whether your property is a House, Flat, Apartment, Mansionette, Cottage, Bungalow, we will buy your property fast!

Simply Fill Out the Form to your Top Right,
and receive a serious offer within 24 Hours!

Property Buyers Team's Commitments to You:

  • No Hassle, Guaranteed Sale of your property.
  • No Hidden Charges and 100% Confidentiality.
  • Your Solicitor's Fees Paid after completion.
  • Serious Cash Offer after only ONE Viewing.
  • Cash in your bank within 28 working Days!

How will Property Buyers Team help me Sell My Property Fast?

We pride ourselves to have one of the biggest Teams of active property buyers with years of experience in property. We guarantee that they will have their cash in hand so that they can buy your property fast. No more chains, and no more frustration of a deal falling through!

Our services are 100% FREE, because we feel that it is more fair to charge investor buyer with our commission. We take a flat fee, which allows us to be the perfect referrer with no bias towards any of the parties involved.

Since the investor pays for your Survey and your Solicitor's Fees, all YOU need to worry about is getting the price you need from your property! We guarantee that there are No Hidden Charges involved.

Customers that already moved on

I was going through a bad divorce and just didn't have the time to think about how to sell my property. David from Property Buyers Team took on the burden for me and my property was sold within 5 weeks.
Ms Hayfield, Birmingham
Buy my house
I can't say anything else but "thank you" for helping me to pursue my dream after moving from my old house. Everyone was friendly and all questions were always answered. I would recommend you to anyone that may need your help.
Mr Hurst, Manchester
I just wanted a quick sale for cash, so I can move on and go to live with my daughter and grandsons. John from Property Buyers Team got in touch and answered all my questions. After I made my decision everything went so quickly.
Mrs Patterson, Leeds